Day 104: White Pass


From mile 2277 to Dark Meadow mile 2293.6 From our campsite it was 15 miles to Hwy 12 and White Pass.  Down for 4 miles, a 2000 foot climb over the next 5 miles and then down to the pass.  I just about ran Read More

Day 103: Goat Rocks Wilderness


From mile 2255.7 to mile 2277 At 2:30 this morning I got up to pee.  I went just a short distance from my tent and was taking care of business when there was the sound of a branch breaking.  I turned towards the sound Read More

Day 102: Mt Adams


From mile 2230 to mile 2255.7 The trail today was going around Mt Adams on it’s western shoulders.  It was amazingly beautiful.  Way back when this volcano last blew it appears to have lost a big chunk of the western side of the peak.  Read More

Day 101: Trout Lake 


From mile 2213.6 to mile 2230 (with a 14 mile hitch into Trout Lake and back) I was afraid I didn’t have enough food to make it to White Pass so we went into the town of Trout Lake today.  From camp it was Read More

Day 100: Huckleberry Feast


From mile 2189.1 to mile 2213.6 Our campsite last night was spectacular.  In addition to the views of Mt Adams we had a fantastic sky view.  I did not put the rainfly on my tent so I had a star show all night.  The Read More

Day 99: Solar Eclipse


From Trout Creek mile 2174.1 to mile 2189.1 My plan for the day was to hang our near Trout Creek, watch the eclipse and wait for Totes, Bones and crew to arrive.  I figured they would get here around noon. I slept in and Read More

Day 98: Cascade Locks


From mile 2132.8 to Cascade Locks mile 2144.6, then to Trout Creek mile 2174.1 I was walking this morning by 6:15.  It was only just over 11 miles but I wanted to be sure to get there on time to meet Gayle.  It was Read More

Day 97: Marathon For Lunch With Gayle


From Muddy Fork mile 2106.4 to mile 2132.8 26 miles, I think that’s a marathon.  I did 26.4 today.  My goal was to get far enough so I can get into Cascade Locks tomorrow by 11am.  I am 11.3 miles out so if I Read More

Day 96: Mt Hood


From Hwy 26 mile 2084 to Muddy Fork mile 2106.4 The PCTA has been recommending going from Sisters to Government Camp (Hwy 26) to get around the fires.  That’s where Gayle took me. For the past 3 days Gayle and I ate, relaxed and Read More

Off The Trail To Meet Gayle


My hiking partners continued north today but I am going to be off the trail until the 18th.   Gayle arrives in Portland this evening and planned to drive down Interstate 5 to Albany where it intersects with Hwy 20 and stay there tonight. Read More