Day 124: O Canada

From mile 2632.3 to Northern Terminus / Canadian Border mile 2650.1 then on to Manning Park (26.8 miles total)

It was another cold morning and even with a bug climb first thing I was still chilly.  The trail climbed up over 7000 feet for one last time.  Though chilly, it was a sunny clear day and the mountains were gorgeous.

It was 17.8 miles to the border and I arrived there just before 3.  A work crew from the treaty commission that maintains the border was there fixing up the monument.

I had been planning on camping one more night but after taking some pictures I started hiking and just sort of kept rolling.  Another 9 miles got me to Manning Park.  26.8 miles by 6:30, not too shaby.

There were no rooms available at the lodge but there was a room at the hostel.  $35 for a tiny private room.  I ate dinner at the restaurant here with Robin, a 61 year old woman who also finished her hike today.  I just passed her on the trail this morning.

There is no cell service here and the internet is slow.  Tomorrow I will start to make my travel plans.

5 Comments on “Day 124: O Canada

  1. My hardiest congratulations to you Jon! You have my admiration for an astounding accomplishment. May you have a smooth transition back into the noisy, car-filled world you left many months ago. May this journey continue to nourish you throughout your lifetime. Thank you for sharing this with us armchair followers, your photos and blog gave the less hardy of us a way to tag along!

  2. Congratulations! No champagne? You look fit and happy! We’ll keep following to see what you’re going to do. What an epic journey!

  3. Can’t express how much I enjoyed being with you most every day of your trek, Jon… I know you enjoyed it much more than I did but I couldn’t wait for your posts every day seeing where you were and wee some of the sights you had seen… sorry about the fires… I envy you… you have made a trip that many of us will only dream about making… and you made for all of us that ventured to go along with you… and we were there in spirit… congratulations on your accomplishment…

  4. Hello Jon, congrats from me to your finishing the journey too. Have followed your way from the beginning to this point more or less contantly and i enjoy it very much. Many thanks for sharing your trip with this blog with all ups and downs. The pictures was great and i learnt a lot about your countries landscape. But one thing you could not breastfeed, the hunger, the PCT itself to try .. on the contrary. The Dream has grown bigger … maybe ten years, when my son is grown 🙂 Thanks for all and have a good time, i will check your blog sometimes… Greetings from Germany Bert

  5. Congratulations, Jon! You certainly looked incredibly fit upon your return. Thanks for sharing your journey. What an adventure!