Day 25: Acton

From mile 427 to 444.4 Soledad Canyon Rd, Acton KOA 

It was very windy when I went to bed last night but after midnight it got quiet.  I woke this morning and all was wet.  It was not raining but   I was in a cloud and the tent fly was soaked.

I was walking by 6:30 and it was in the low 40’s.   By noon dark clouds were overhead.   Most of the day was in a burned area that was just reopened for the PCT and is closed still for all other purposes.   As I approached the canyon road it began to rain but a nice gentle rain.  I raced to beat the weather and did 17 miles by 2pm.

My next supply stop is Aqua Dulce which is only 10 miles past Soledad Canyon.  But there is no place to stay there.   I have not had a shower in 8 days so I stopped at the KOA campground that is only .25 mile off the trail.  $15 to camp and shower.  Coin laundry.  Pure joy being clean and having clean clothes on.  

Tomorrow I will pass through Aqua Dulce and get supplies, one day ahead of schedule.

Clouds and mist this morning
Flowers along the trail in a recently burned section
Poodle Dog Bush in flower…worse than poison ivy
Chinese and pizza in the KOA common room with Swiss pals Samuel and Tamara

4 Comments on “Day 25: Acton

  1. Nice to read that you made your way. How´s the situation with your feed? Blisters are better? Nice pictures, great views… Wish you the best for further hiking! Bert

  2. Feet are much better. Still taping spots but not much pain. Thanks.

  3. Studied your past, present, and planned trudgings. Wholly impressed. Hats off to you, and indeed you have a right cool hat. Will walk along per keyboard. Crossing fingers for ongoing visual treats along your trail.

  4. The burned out area has a certain beauty despite the devastation. All the photos are gorgeous! Glad you are ahead of schedule currently (and that you were clean for a day). Love you, Jon!