Day 80: Fresh & Clean In Ashland

No miles today!    Man do I feel good.  I am clean, wearing new briefs, new shirt, new socks, new boots and sporting a fresh haircut and beard trim.

My gear is now clean and dry.  I have all new ziplocks (yes, that is a big deal).   My food sack is overstuffed for six days and a food box is on the way to Shelter Cove.

I worked through my maps and did some planning.  If I could start doing 30 miles per day I could get to Canada by 9/15 and possibly have time to do the section of the Sierra that I skipped due to the snow & creeks.  I would also miss the eclipse.

The alternative is to not worry about timing, enjoy Gayle’ s visit and the eclipse and get to Canada close to the end if September.  At that point it will likely be too late in the year to start into the Sierra.  I would have to wait until at least next year to finish the PCT.  I think this is my course.

I was originally planning on staying here until Monday but since my chores are done I think I will head out tomorrow.  Most recent reports say only a few spots of snow covered trail near Crater Lake and this week is going to be 100 degree type heat.