Day 6: Clean In Warner Springs

3rd Gate (mile 91.2) to Warner Springs (mile 109.5)

18.3 miles today to get to my first resupply spot.  Hurried to get here before the post office closed.   There is a community center here that is now a hiker welcome center.  They allow camping on their lawn and have restrooms open 24 hours.  No showers but two stalls where you can fill 5 gallon buckets with warm water and take a bucket shower.  Same for laundry.  I am clean and my clothes smell nice!   This is the dirtiest hiking I have ever done.  Dust and black film on everything, including me.  But not tonight.

The last two days I have been leap frogging a group of three mid-30s Frenchmen.   Nice guys.  One of them did the 3 mile round trip to the only restaurant nearby and brought back pizza for the four of us.

In the morning I will charge my batteries when the community center opens, pack up my food and hit the trail by noon.   So far I am on the schedule I hoped for.  I did miles of 15, 17, 15, 20, 23 and 18.  

Terrain today was at lower elevations and grassier, like below.

5 Comments on “Day 6: Clean In Warner Springs

  1. It seemed incongruent to see the ‘100’ photo until I realized it marked 100 miles on the PCT… Not the 100 days of the Trump presidency that is dominating the real world news right now. Congratulations on your progress! How are your feet?!

  2. Jon…this is awesome…reading your daily blogs of your adventure on the hike.

  3. My feet are a bit painful. I used leukotape on the areas where I have blistered in the past. No blisters there but half dollar sized ones on the balls of each foot. I hobble around camp in pain but once I get walking they are not too bad.

  4. Wow Jon, you have a good pace. Like all others, i enjoyed your pictures, beautiful, so many different flowers and colors in the desert. Awesome.. Wish your good feed to walk on… Bert

  5. Beautiful pics Jon. Hope your feet toughen up quickly