Day 5: Flowers For My Honey

Rodriguez Road (mile 68.4) to 3rd Gate (mile 91.2)

Did 22.8 miles today.  Down down down, then across a wide desert valley floor, crossed Hwy S2, then up up up.

The last two days I have been in the Anzo-Berago Desert State Park.  While the super-bloom on the desert floor passed weeks ago, up higher all sorts of odd plants are flowering. 

My wonderful wife Gayle would love these flowers, but not the walk to get to them.  So, these flower pictures are for my honey.

3 Comments on “Day 5: Flowers For My Honey

  1. Hi John, This is Terri from Gayle’s bible study group. I am tracking your journey online. OMG these are so gorgeous. I love those yellows the best. I wonder what type of camera you’re using to capture your images. Excellent. Gayle is so lucky. 🙂

  2. Terri, I am using a Samsung S7 phone as my camera, GPS map, blogging tool, and occasionally a phone. I carry it in a padded shoulder pouch so I can grab it quickly.

  3. What a treat to get to se the desert in bloom!