Day 28: Into Erwin

About 12 miles today brought me to the Nolichucky River, Erwin TN, and Uncle Johnnies Hostel.   It is a funky spot, definitely for hikers and not the faint of heart.   But John and Charlotte Shores are very friendly and offer a bunk, showers, laundry and rides to town for $20.

I have washed myself and clothing and picked up the supplies I need for the next section.  Pizza for dinner and soon I will be asleep on a soft bunk.   It looks like the hostel dog owns the couch beside me.  Oh well, he smells no worse than I did when I arrived and he is very sweet.

If the scale here is accurate I have lost 25 lbs, although tonight I ate back some of that.   343 miles so far.

4 Comments on “Day 28: Into Erwin

  1. Wow…25 pounds! Glad you’re warm and comfy tonight, Jon! Love you

  2. Jon, really enjoying your blog. Just took up hiking this year but 7 miles was longest hike, and was wanting to call 911 to pick us up after about 5.5 miles. Deb

  3. With you all the way, Jon!

  4. Hooray for soft bunks! Keep on keeping on!