Day 73: Zero In Etna

Zero.  As in no miles today.  Wonderful lazy day.

The Alderbrook B&B looks like a nice place but I have not been inside it.  They also operate the  Hiker Hut.  This small building, pictured above, has 4 bunks, a bathroom with shower, and a common area with couch and chairs.   Laundry room is in the basement of the main house.

With only 4 bunks most hikers are camped in the yard.  I got lucky to get a bunk.

The town is almost a half mile away and the two restaurants are another half mile.  They have a dozen bikes here because the last thing a hiker wants to do on a day off is walk.

I ate, grocery shopped, did laundry and soaked my feet in Epsom salt water.   Also napped.  Was lovely.   I had long phone calls with Gayle and we planned for her visit in 3 weeks.  I hope to get to Sisters, Oregon by 8/14 and meet her there.

Gayle & Jorn, sent by request while we were talking. I miss my family.

One Comment on “Day 73: Zero In Etna

  1. Scenic town; love the mural. Glad you rested there for a day and got to talk at length with Gayle…too bad Jorn can’t come with her to see you!