Day 39: Kennedy Meadows

From mile 683.3 to Kennedy Meadows mile 702.2

18.9 miles today plus another .7 on the road to get to the Kennedy Meadows general store.  I started at 7am and arrived at 3pm.

I got my packages, had a cold shower and s lasagne dinner.   No cell service here and the Wi-Fi mostly does not work.  There are probably 100 hikers camped behind the store.  Some planning to skip the Sierra and some just waiting.

Tomorrow morning Chris and I are going to catch the morning shuttle to Grumpy Bears, the restaurant and only other business in the area.  They supposedly have working Wi-Fi.  After that I have laundry to do and I need to go through my food and inventory it.

I plan to hit the trail on Wednesday.  

South Fork Kern River

Kennedy Meadows

2 Comments on “Day 39: Kennedy Meadows

  1. Very exiting for what option you and the others you chose. I wish you all the best and dont risk your life… Geetings Bert

  2. My love and prayers are with you, and like Bert, I am so excited to see where this adventure will take you. You are AWESOME!