Day 18: Down The Creek

From mile 286.9 to Deep Creek Hot Springs mile 307.9

Contrary to the forecasts, today was beautiful.  Chilly morning with ice coating the tent, in the mud 50’s by evening.

I was camped along Holcomb Creek and the trail followed the creek down.  Later it followed  Deep Creek as it wound down through narrow canyons.  All day the trail followed, mostly way above the creek on the sides of very steep canyons.

I camped at Deep Creek Hot Springs where there are several natural hot springs adjacent to the creek.  You can sit in a natural hot tub and then move to the icy stream water.   No pictures of the hot springs.  Apparently considered by some to be clothing optional.  Taking photos would be a good way to be branded a perv.

21 miles today even though I did not race.  My left knee was a bit painful this morning and I wore the brace today.   I need to be a bit careful on days with long descents.

2 Comments on “Day 18: Down The Creek

  1. Stunning landscapes! It must fill you with awe…….

  2. Gorgeous canyon photo, just fabulous! It sounds like the natural hot tub is just what a weary hiker needed. Your day to day life on the trail really makes your blog addicting!