Day 16: Taking A Zero

Zero miles, Big Bear Lake

I “took a zero” today, that is I took the day off and did zero miles.  A Nero is a day with just a few miles.

I ate at a huge breakfast at Dennys and spent most of the day recliner and reading.  Pizza for dinner with a hiker named GoPro.   

It was nice all day but now the storm has arrived.  It is snowing, the wind is howling and I have a ride to the trail at 7 in the morning.  I have repacked my pack to make warm gear more accessible and to protect things that need to stay dry.  Should be different tomorrow.

Saw a snow report from the Sierra Nevada.  200% of normal snowpack, snow level at 9,000 feet.   Will worry about it in three weeks.

2 Comments on “Day 16: Taking A Zero

  1. I’m glad you took a day to rest, and I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow–stay warm! Love you

  2. Just caught up on your progress – reports and photos are great. Keep on trucking. Btw, Moyaone meeting was uneventful – Greg ran it smoothly.