Day 31: Chilly Wimp

I was determined to do big miles today.   I was up at 6am, took down the tent and made coffee and oatmeal by flashlight.   As soon as it was light enough to see I was on my way.

The trail was pretty but unremarkable.  By noon I had gone 10 miles.   Then it got cold and started to pour.   At 2ish I arrived at the Clyde Smith Shelter in need of water and warmth.   The water was way down a side trail and took 40 minutes to get.    I was shivering, sniffling and not feeling great.   Hot chocolate, hot noodles and dry socks helped a bit but I was still chilled.

Now it was 3:30 and still raining.   I had gone only 13.5 miles and needed to do more but the thought of setting up camp in the rain was not appealing.  The next shelter was 9 miles away and up 2500 in elevation.    I used my inreach to get a weather report and learned that th is rain is supposed to end tonight.  So, I wimped.  I stayed here, warmed up and got comfy.  A lovely couple, Snacks and Temper, also stayed at the shelter.

Tomorrow I have to make up for it.